Issue 1-2020

Psychiatry and SARS-CoV-2: what happened in Codogno
G. Cerveri

Psychopathological aspects and quality of life of obese patients after bariatric surgery
L. Di Caprio, A. Miuli, G. Baroni, C. Di Natale, L. Lucidi, L. Aceto, G. Martinotti, L. Giampietro, G. Sepede, M. di Giannantonio

Conceiving the unconceivable: ethical and clinical concerns over assisted suicide for people with mental disorders
B. Carpiniello

Quantifying the burden of dual diagnosis
E. di Giacomo, E. Giampieri, A. Alamia, G.M. Galimberti, B. Tinghino, M. Resentini, M. Clerici

Psychiatric Issues in the Italian Movies
A. Bellomo, I. Di Gioia, D. Favale, A. Ventriglio, M. di Giannantonio

Socioeconomic cost-benefit of an empirical Hypnotic Psychotherapy protocol for Panic Disorder
A. Calzeron