Issue 1-2021

Letter from SIP Presidents to Minister of Health
M. di Giannantonio, E. Zanalda

Psychiatric expertise: from social control to indication of treatment – L’expertise psychiatrique: du contrôle social à l’indication aux soins (trad. fr.)
G.C. Nivoli, M. Amore, M. di Giannatonio, E. Zanalda

Compliance, cognition and comorbidity in bipolar disorder
M. Vaishnav, V.G. Watve, A. Bhide, M.S. Reddy, S. Mittal, D. Ray, A.K. Agarwal

Performance evaluation in the Departments of Mental Health: the implementation of a multidimensional directional dashboard in the Department of the Bari Local Health Authority
V. Latorre, C.N. De Sario, D. Scaltrito, M. Abruzzese, G. Carrieri, M.G. Casulli, A. Cicorella, M. Lopez, M. Lozupone, R. Marinaro, R. Martino, D. Maselli, C.A.G. Mazzilli, A. Piarulli, R. Taratufolo, M. Cisternino, D. Semisa

Updates in treating major depressive disorder in the elderly: a systematic review
M. Amore, A. Aguglia, G. Serafini, A. Amerio 23

Prevention and early intervention in mental health: a one-year analysis of activity from a Local Public Health Trust
I. Panaccione, G. Davì, F. Lombardi, V. Mirizio, G. Di Cesare, G. Ducci

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to treat Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral addictions: the state of the art
G. Martinotti, A. Miuli, G. Stigliano, M. Pettorruso, M. di Giannantonio

Book Review