Issue 2-2020

Editorial – Italian Society of Psychiatry’s activity during the pandemic
M. di Giannantonio, E. Zanalda

Recommendations for Mental Health Departments pertaining to activities related to containment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, updated for phase 2
Italian Society of Psychiatry 

Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation really safe? A systematic review and metaanalysis of its side effects
G. Sepede, A. Miuli, M.C. Spano, G. Stigliano, M. Pettorruso, G. Martinotti, M. di Giannantonio 

Adherence to psychopharmacological treatment in acute psychosis: observational study on the role of therapeutic drug monitoring
F. Pennazio, C. Brasso, C. Ghirardini, M. Marino, P. Rocca, V. Villari 

Mental Health Services and Primary Care: depressive disorders treatment
G. Cerveri, S. Paletta

Description of a tele-psychiatry program elaborated by Italian Institute of Health to manage psychological effects of COVID-19 pandemic in Italy
F. Veltro, G. Latte, M. Corbo, M. di Giannantonio, G. Calamandrei, A. Picardi, A. Gigantesco

Therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of phospholipid liposomes (Liposom Forte®) for the management of depressive disorders in elderly patients
G. Biggio, M.C. Mostallino, F. Biggio, A. Minervino, F. Giannetti 

First generation vs second generation long acting antipsychotic: a real-world comparison
M. Probo, C. Gramaglia, E. Gambaro, C. Consol, C. Guerriero, L. Loreti, V. Dalò, C. Feri, P. Bossi, P. Zeppegno

Benefit of Loxapine in substance abuse patients
C. Palumbo, E. Bondi, G. Di Sciascio

Delusions and COVID-19 pandemic – A case report & short review
M. Di Rosa, E. Novelli, S. Novello, C. Natale, F. Durbano