Issue 4-2020

M. di Giannantonio, E. Zanalda

Mental distress in unaccompanied refugee minors: a cross-sectional study
V. Travanut, E. Maso, M. Balestrieri

Religiosity as a protective factor against suicide ideation in subjects with Major Depression: preliminary results of an exploratory study in the “real world” clinical practice
D. De Berardis, L. Olivieri, A. Giardini, G. Rapini, N. Serroni, M. Fornaro, C. Tomasetti, L. Orsolini, A. Valchera, A. Carano, F. Vellante,M. Bustini, G. Serafini, M. Pompili , A. Ventriglio , G. Perna, G. Martinotti, S. Fraticelli, M. di Giannantonio

What is this crown-wearing virus that wants to defeat the world? COVID-19, we little superheroes know how to beat you!
L. Ferraro, C. La Cascia, M. Sanna, D. La Barbera

Karl Jaspers’ boundary situations and psychopathology: alike or distinct?
P.R. Dimkov

Telepsychiatry after COVID-19 crisis: a new opportunity for Mental Health in Italy
L. Ghio, S. Patti, G. Piccinini, M. Vaggi

Moving beyond forensic psychiatric hospitals in Italy: a socio-demographic study
A.M. Pagano, M. Niglio, A. Noia

Crime victimization in psychiatric outpatients. A one-week survey in a Mental Health Centre
M. Zuffranieri, G. Zara, V. Palazzo, F. Stanga, E. Zanalda

Case report
Psychosis and recovery in the integrated approach long acting therapy: the man who collected shards of glass and the frame of a mirror
A. Macaluso, S. Varia

Book Review

Prima Conferenza Nazionale dei Direttori dei Dipartimenti di Salute Mentale Italiani